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1. What is Crack Stitching?
Crack Stitching is the process of repairing cracks in masonry walls with the use of thin stainless steel helical rods and specially formulated grout.


2. How does Crack Stitching work?
The stainless helical rods provide the tension needed to hold the wall together and the grout is the bonding agent that attaches the helical rod to the masonry. This is very similar to the use of steel rebar in concrete slabs. When these items are used together they form an incredibly strong bond that makes the wall stronger then it was originally.


3. Do I need to be a contractor to use this kit?
No, you do not need to be a contractor but you should be familiar with some masonry hand tools and an electric grinder. We have some videos for you to watch so you can see how these tools are used.


4. What tools do I need?
The kit comes with some tools included. It comes with a small flat pointing tool, a rounded pointing tool, a mixing paddle for an electric drill to mix grout, a plastic scoop, and a margin trowel. The other tools you will need is an electric grinder fitted with a 6” diamond blade (dustless if possible), extension cords, a hawk or large trowel to hold mortar while pushing it into the joint, water hose to wash out joints, sponge to wipe off any shears of mortar on the brick, some type of scaffolding if the work is off the ground, and personal protective equipment such as safety glasses, dust mask, gloves, and ear protection. Please follow all manufactures recommendations on the use of tools and safety equipment.


5. How long does this work (Crack Stitching) take?
This work typically takes about 4 to 5 hours from start to finish, but it all depends on how many joints you need to cut out. Our recommendation is to take your time and be safe when doing this type of work.


6. Will crack stitching make my wall as strong as it once was?
Yes, in fact when the helical rods and grout are installed in a wall, typically the wall is 2 times stronger than it was originally.


7. How much money will I save by using this crack stitch kit as compared to calling a foundation company?
Nationally, foundation repair work averages to $5000 per job, repairs can run from a few hundred dollars to over $50,000.


8. Will I be able to match the mortar color of my home?
When you order your kit, we have 6 different colors you can choose from. These colors were created using sand alone, there is no color pigment in our mortars. If your mortar joints were made using colored mortar, you will need to to get your mortar from that manufacturer.


9. How long will this repair last?
This repair is a permanent repair, it is designed to last the life of the structure.


10. Do you have certified contractors that do this type of work?
Yes, we do in some areas of the country, but we are always looking for contractors that want to be trained and certified. Just email us and we will let you know the certified contractors in your area.


11. What types of cracks does this kit work on?
This kit will work on just about any crack you have.


12. How will I know if this kit is right for the cracking problem I have?
The best thing to do is send us some photos of your cracks in your wall. Take some close up photos along with photos of the whole area. From there we can discuss what is going on and see if our repair method with help you.


13. How long has this kit been around?
This kit has been around for over 10 years.


14. Who designed this kit?
This kit was designed by Structural Engineers.


15. Can I use this kit on my chimney that is cracked?
Absolutely, this is another great use for this kit. Depending on chimney size we may need to send you longer helical bars.


16. Are there instructions with your kit?
Yes, there are, and we also have a video you can watch that shows every step.


17. I am a foundation repair contractor, and I do come across cracks that lend themselves to your fix. Can I use this kit?
Definitely, look at this kit as an extension of your services, now you can not only do the major repairs but now you can handle all repairs cost effectively. But we would suggest getting certified by us so you have access to all our repair products.


18. How can something so low cost actually work at permanently stopping cracking?
In one simple word: INNOVATION. Over the last 20 years, our engineers have been advancing this type of work through testing and development. They are always working on new ways to handle old problems.


19. I have never heard of this product before?
The reason you have never heard of this product before is because it is a very specialized product that doesn’t lend itself to mass advertising. This product is designed to help people who have a particular problem.


20. Can this “crack stitching” be made into a business?
Yes, think about all the cracks you see in buildings, no one has come up with a way to permanently fix them. Now you can offer a real repair, not a cosmetic fix. But we suggest that you become certified so you understand how the products work. Also once you become certified we can refer work to you.


21. I am an insurance adjuster, do you have training for people like me?
Yes, the training consists of classroom and hands-on training. Once completed you will have a better understanding of the products and also be able to estimate repair costs using our products.


22. Do you have any information for Realtors?
Yes on our website we have a tutorial for Realtors that is a great introduction to what we do and how we can help you with those homes that have some structural problems.


23. I am a property manager, can my staff install your product?
Yes they can, but since the property is of a commercial in nature we would suggest them getting trained by us.


24. Do you provide training for engineers?
We provide training for engineers and architects on the proper use of our products.


25. Are all 304 and 316 Stainless Steel the same quality?
No, Brick and Block Repair uses the highest grade stainless steel to manufacture its products.


26. What makes our mortar mix so good?
Great care is taken in picking the sands we use for our mortars. We looked and found what we believe are the finest sands available for our product. But the sand is only part of the mix. We then analyzed different portlands and limes and chose the highest quality of products we could find.

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