Applying to be a Brick And Block Repair Affiliate is quick and easy. We'll review and approve your application within 24 hours, then send you an email with everything you need to get started.

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Create your account and familiarize yourself with the products and techniques that will help home owners, property managers and contractors save money. There is a one time $35 fee for signup that covers the cost & maintenance of your landing page.



Use your and our resources to educate and inform home owners, property managers, and contractors who sign off on projects.

Get Paid

Get paid a percentage of the sale, when your customer buys a product from the shop with your affiliate coupon code, which will be sent to you. You will get paid the corresponding percentage.

Our Affiliate Program is for people who like to share information that helps others with solutions to repair and restore masonry buildings. Learning about our products and sharing the knowledge with others, is all you need to do. You do not need a technical degree or experience in building trades, only a desire to learn and share ideas. The market for these specialty repair products includes all masonry type structures. There are approximately an estimated 115 million occupied housing units in the United States. (Which some are likely to have masonry problems in need of a cost effective and permanent repair) These numbers do not include the millions of commercial building that are currently built. If someone you refer buys say a Crack Stitching Kit, you can make $50.00. If they buy wall ties, you are looking at a check for at least $30.00. Once you sign up, we will show you different markets that need the information you have and give you a better idea of what you can make. The potential to make $5,000 to $10,000 a year is real. It wouldn’t surprise us if you made over $8,000 your first year. Apply and get started.

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