About Brick And Block Repair

We, at Brick and Block Repair are a single source of expertise in masonry restoration of historic and non-historic buildings.

Brick and Block Repair is a company that sells masonry repair products to maintain and restore the structural integrity of brick walls, concrete block walls, stone walls, stucco walls, and other masonry structures with outstanding results. Our  Type N repair mortar in 8 standard natural colors that do not use any pigment. With the addition of these mortars and our wide array of repair products, Brick And Block is a complete system when it comes to the restoration of masonry buildings.

Brick and Block repair offers sustainable and cost effective solutions to repair failed brick lintels, crack stitching facades and walls, tying veneers to structural walls, reconnecting exterior wall and corners, and replacing wall anchors in cavity walls.

The most attractive advantage to clients in selecting Brick and Block's products is the cost effective and non-invasive installation process, while avoiding the disruptive demolition activities of traditional construction. Brick and Block's products and reinforcing bars allows you to maintain the aesthetics and restore the structural integrity of your building’s masonry façade with minimum disturbance to the building, the environment and its occupants.
We look forward to working with you on your next masonry restoration project.

We look forward to you joining our program.

Kind regards from Brick and Block Repair


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